The Perspective of Marilyn

Sierra – 2018 Villain Arts Minneapolis Tattoo Convention

All right, I’m Sierra and my favorite tattoo I have is my Marilyn Manson portrait.  I really love Marilyn Manson.  You know that’s pretty much it.  Big inspiration and looks pretty bad-ass.  So yeah

Kelly-What is it about Marilyn Manson that inspires you?

He speaks a lot about perspective and I learned a lot from that.  And it changed how I view  a lot of things.  So kudos  to him for that.

Kelly-All right.  So you’ve got other tattoos on your other arm?

Nope, just these two.  I’ve got my pumpkins and that’s basically because I really love Halloween and it goes really well together.  And of course, I have one on my back which is just some roses with the dark mark from Harry Potter cause I love Harry Potter, yeah.  Not to much from that one either.


Thanks for sharing the story of your tattoo, Sierra!

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