Sisters, Cycles and Footprints

Mai – Minnesota State Fair

“Hi, my name is Mai. This first one I got with my sister. She paid for it; we end up booking up for the whole twelve, fifteen, sixteen hours with him. He did a very good job with it. And then my second one was this one. I rode a motorcycle and the gal who bought it from me is … uhm… she might still have the $250 to this day. But she ended up owing me $250 and that is what she gave me in return, for payback. And this other one I had, what was it – a 650, and I ended up selling it to another gentleman who did tattoos. Exactly two years from when I got this one, and, of course, I got my kid’s name and little footprints but I ended up paying for them. (off camera: What about that square one?!?) That’s from the State Fair and that’s pretty much it.

Thanks for showing us all those beautiful tattoos, Mai.
We hope the square one for admittance to “the great Minnesota get-together” brought you almost as much joy as the real tattoos!

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