Our Story

Every tattoo has a story … and so does this website.

Are you curious?

Like many stories, ours is the tale of two people getting to know each other better and then realizing they can accomplish something good together.

Mutual respect. Goodwill. Complementary skills and talents. Friendship.

Add all those to a few moments of inspiration, and you have the ingredients for something good….

Tattoo Wonder is the collaboration of a gal named Jane and a gal named Kelly.

One has purple hair, and one still sees brunette in the mirror, even though that’s not exactly accurate!

Both of us are moms.┬áBoth of us know that we’re still growing, learning, and discovering our strengths, and … becoming who we really are. Is that part of your story, too?

We hope you enjoy browsing our website. We hope you choose to share YOUR story here with us, too.