Minnesota Nice on Steroids

Jim B – 2018 Villain Arts Minneapolis Tattoo Convention

Hello I’m Jim B.  I’m a third generation combat vet and also a member of a group called the Dirty Dozen Christian Civil Defense Network.  We are 14000 people strong all over the country and the president is based in New York.  I really like the organization because they talk about prepping and being prepared for bad scenarios in the United States and mass casualty situations.  As a retired combat vet, I’m involved in NPC warfare, I’ve been involved  in mass casualty.  I’ve worked on flight deck of a carrier and safety petty officer and these right here mean Operation Southern Watch, Operation During Freedom and Operation Rocky Freedom.  I was involved in all of these campaigns.  We were the ones involved Southern Freedom the ones that took out all of the missile batteries of Sadim had built and the Chinese technicians that were maintaining them.   Then we were in the first three months of the Iraqi Freedom War and, of course, this led up to it.  This is right after the twin towers fell and we went on the carrier.  In fact, I have a real neat patch on my jacket and it shows a carrier going forward with the Twin Towers in the background in gold.  Like I said, it really means a lot to me and my grandfather served in WWI and WWII.  In fact, he earned his citizenship in the Coast Guard in WWI.

And that is where I got my Scottish ancestry from.  This is a cross claymore and a Templar shield.  And I’m also Masonic.  I was involved in the D-molay and my dad was a 29 degree Mason.  My Scottish side has been in this country since before the Revolutionary War and fought the Brits in the Revolutionary War and they were also on the Confederate Side during the Civil War.  And, of course, every war after that.  I’m about to get “In God We Trust” above this one.  I am also an Enlisted Warfare Specialist and so I got the wings.  I don’t need to drink Redbull, I got the wings.  I’m very proud of my heritage and I’m very proud of my quart Scottish, quart English, quart Irish, quart Danish. I got the whole British Isles plus the Viking Invaders.  I’m good genetics.  I’m 61 years old, but feel like I’m in the 20s.  I’m running for Minnesota State Senate.  I’m ST 54.  I’m in the Constitution Party.  I’m trying to bring freedom and liberty back to this state that unfortunately has gone down the progressive road to ruin in my opinion.  So that’s what I’m all about and I definitely enjoy the tattoo people because like I said they are very friendly and they are very outgoing.  Like I said Minnesota Nice on steroids in my opinion.

Thanks for sharing the story of your tattoo, Jim!

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