Five Years of a Life, Freehanded and Clean

Brian P – Minnesota

Hi my name is Brian P and the reason I like my tattoos simply is because: One, I don’t have a stencil on at all. Everything is complete freehand between myself and my artist. It’s drawn on with two different highlighters, a sharpie and a fine black ball point pen for finer detail. So that’s one that is unique to me. Two, just an entire backstory of my entire life for the past five years. My mom and dad’s birthday is down here. Two sets of roses for each set of grandparents. Up here I actually had my clean date on April 25, 2012 five years on this April 25. Pretty much a lot of it resembles me, so that’s it.

Thanks so much for sharing the story of your tattoos, Brian!
Some anniversaries deserve even more respect than others. Congrats on making April 25 such an important date in your life.

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