Documentation of a Travel Addiction

Emily – Villain Arts 2018 Minneapolis Tattoo Convention

my name is Emily and I have two tattoos much to my family’s disliking.  I am absolutely addicted to traveling.  I want to do it for my life and I basically want to have some kind of way to document all of my journeys.  So I’ve chosen to put them on my feet as a  little bit of a symbolic thing as a way of stepping everywhere I take a journey on.  On this foot, I have a bull because I got to live in Spain for a month with a host family that I love so dearly.  But basically, they were making fun of me because my huge stereotype of Spain is that there are bulls running everywhere.  And that is what American’s think it all about.  So we always had this joke, that I’m the American trying to find the bulls.  So now I have a bull to go with me everywhere.

And then on my other foot, I was in Ireland for two weeks after I graduated high school and I drank so much Guiness my family should be concerned.  But now I’ve got a little Guiness logo to go with me everywhere to remind me of Ireland.

So that’s all I have so far.

Kelly-I wish you many more travels to many more tattoos

Emily-Yes, thank you that’s the goal.  Just get them all up

Thanks so much for sharing the story of your tattoo, Emily!

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