Anna Banana and Her Babes

Anna J – Villain Arts 2018 Minneapolis Tattoo Convention

Hi, I’m Anna J, and these are my tattoos. A lot of them actually were the artist’s pick, because I like when the artist expresses themselves and they can put their creations on me. So a lot of this (this whole arm, basically), is from this woman named Linnea, and she came up with the whole concept and everything, so I look to keep it bright and colorful and vibrant, like myself, so like this here.

And then I have an apple and banana, because my nickname is Anna Banana, and so I got a little banana tattoo for that reason!

And then I have this one here. It’s a little beer can with “babes” – I have two girlfriends that have this same tattoo and we got it in Seattle when my friend moved out there.

So, yeah, a lot of this are just one-off tattoos and stuff like that. This is one of my favorites (the Halloween pumpkin design). That’s what everyone compliments me on; they always mention the one with the bikes. Hello Kitty at the wrist, and bike with flowers at the shoulder!

Thanks so much for sharing the story of your tattoos with us, Anna!

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